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Endodontics is the domain of stomatology that deals with the treatment of the dental pulp diseases, especially pulpitis and periapical abscesses.

The endodontic procedure (also referred to as the root canal treatment) consists of an extraction of the pulp out of the ventricle and the tooth canal, and then an appropriatemolding by using proper manual or machine tools.

In relation to the development of technology, in the most recent endodontics there are used also microscopes and endometers that enable doctors to diagnose and to treat efficiently.

A microscope enables a specialist to look into the interior of the ventricle and the tooth canal.
The endometers are used in order to measure the depth of the canal.

The next step is to fill them tightly with filling material – gutta-perch and to caulk with sealer which does not irritate the surroundings of the root’s apex.

The endodontic treatment performed correctly gives the opportunity to maintain a tooth or its root in the oral cavity for a long time.

The purpose of our clinic is to treat first. When everything that our specialist tries fails, we decide to extract the tooth as a last resort.