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Implantology is a field of stomatology that deals with rebuilding the lost teeth. Like all fields of stomatology, implantology was created for humanity in order to help feeling more confident during everyday activities. For many of us, a beautiful smile is the best adornment that fits to every outfit. The creation of an implant (a visually natural tooth imitation) gave the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful smile for the elderly who lost their teeth due to natural causes, and for the younger people who lost their teeth due to an accident. Implants, despite being artificial things, were designed in the kind of way to give patients the feeling of naturalness and freedom.

What does the treatment look like?


In our clinic, the treatment starts with a free consultation visit. Thanks to this, a patient will have the opportunity to have a conversation with a doctor who will perform the procedure of engrafting an implant. An initial interview is a very valuable source of information. Based on that, the doctor defines the state of the patient’s health and suggests the course of the implantologic treatment that is an individual treatment plan of a certain patient. After the RTG analysis he chooses proper implants which eventually will be used during the procedure.


If, due to some health issues or other reasons, there is a necessity to perform a preparatory treatment, the doctor suggests so.


Patients very often ask about the level of pain that is felt during the procedure. So, in order to warn you, we inform you that during the procedure a local anaesthesia is used. Thanks to this, patient feels the minimum pain or even do not feel it at all. The level of pain sensitivity depends on different patients. Patients should trust the doctor who performs the procedure, and by doing that, the patient will reduce any unnecessary stress.

The pain can be noticed after the procedure but it can be reduced by open for general use painkillers. In addition, every patient who underwent the procedure of engrafting an implant, is under the doctor’s constant surveillance.

What does the procedure of engrafting an implant look like?

In order to engraft an implant, small holes in the bone are drilled. Those holes are adequate to the size of the implant and to the patient’s dentition. Then, the doctor screws an implant in and designs a temporary crown that saves it. An average time of that procedure is about an hour and a half.


The time of healing depends on the patient’s individual predispositions and differs in every case. The oral hygiene after the procedure and following the doctor’s instructions is very important. Because of that, the patient can reduce unnecessary inflammatory conditions that can cause an implant’s rejection. During healing, it is important to check up regularly as arranged with the doctor. It increases the chances of the procedure’s success. An average time of healing is about three months. The prophylaxis, that is preventing from originating the illness, is said to be the most important field of medicine.