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Paedodontics is a field of stomatology that deals with treatments for children. At KlinikaPięknegoUśmiechu, we take special care of young patients. During the visit, kids can watch their favourite cartoons on our modern monitors that are set in front of the patient’s seat. The monitors efficiently draw children’s attention from stomatological activities which helps to reduce stress and unpleasant feelings associated with the visit. We try to treat children painlessly and that is why we use a local anaesthetic (a special gustatory gel which narrows down child’s feeling in the place that has been slushed) in almost every tiny procedure. Also, we offer colourful fillings and prizes (given after treatment) that make children more interested in the next visits. The exceptional treatment helps to minimize children’s aversion towards procedures and leads to trusting the doctor. You can be sure that in our clinic your children will be under good, and most importantly, professional care. We encourage kids and their guardians to pay an adaptation visit in KlinikaPięknegoUśmiechu with a 2-3 years old child in order to familiarize them with a doctor, dentist’s office and it’s mysteries, smells, sounds and tools. Thanks to those meetings, later visits are not a surprise and cause only smiles on the face.

Inspection visits should take place every three-four months because of the bigger vulnerability to caries.
Abiding the systematicity will save parent’s time and will reduce stress and child’s suffering.


The duty of nursing the oral cavity in early years of a child’s life is on parents. A regular hygiene should be started even before teeth carve out. The easiest method is to roll up a piece of gauze moistened with boilt water or camomile fusion around a finger and to bathe the jaw and the lower jaw gently. It allows to remove the layer of precipitate and it is a good massage that helps the teething. The learning of brushing (with the first toothbrush) should begin around the first year of life. We introduce a little paste only when the child learns how to flush the oral cavity and to spit the water out.

Since the moment of carving the first tooth out it is highly important to prevent caries. The basis is the proper oral hygiene and right eating habits (avoiding snacking sweets between meals). In addition, some preventive procedures can be used.



Dentine impregnation consists of hardening the dentine using silver nitrate. Dentine impregnation stops the process of caries and simultaneously saves the teeth from extraction. This procedure is completely painless but unfortunately its one disadvantage is colouring the teeth black.


The main purpose of this procedure is to harden the enamel and its protection against acid made by bacteria. Fluorine builds into the enamel and makes it more resistant to bacteria residing in the plaque. In addition, the fluorine causes reminalization of the small enamel cavities. The process of fluoridation consists of rubbing fluorine fusions into teeth or in carrying a special foam on the surface of teeth. The fluoridation is also recommended for bringing down the dentine hypersensitivityand that is why it is highly recommended after mechanical dental cleansing, sanding or dental bleaching and for patients during an orthodontic treatment. Fluoridation should be performed during check-ups, that is twice a year, independently of age.


Consists of filling sulci and dental anatomical concavities with dental material containing fluorine. This procedure may embrace collateral teeth – premolars and molars. Sealed teeth should be healthy without any centers of caries, up until six month since appearing in the oral cavity. In the case of diagnosing the centerof caries, it is highly recommended to undergo the treatment of primary and permanent teeth. It is immeasurably important to treat not only the permanent teeth, but also the primary teeth in order to prevent inflammatory conditions and losing them prematurely, what can be associated with a traumatic experience for a child and with disorders of the permanent teeth carving out (malocclusions).

In order to prepare your child to a visit PLAY THIS GAME:

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