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Periodontitis usually begins very innocently and develops gradually. If it gets marginalized, it can even lead to teeth extraction. The beginnings of periodontitis can be unnoticeable, especially when we do not pay that much attention to our daily and thorough oral cavity hygiene. At the beginning, the dental plaque gathers on the teeths surface. If it is not cleansed correctly, it undergoes mineralization, then the calculus forms, which is a hard residue that can only be removed in the dentistry office. A lot of dental concretions lead to the accumulation of bacteria and, by that, to the development of gingivitis.
Gums become swollen and painful.

The pathological gum plackets are created, and they are a cistern for bacterial flora.

In this particular area, food waste gathers, bacteria multiplie and the problem just gets harder. The progressing inflammatory condition gradually embraces not only to gums but the crestal bone, also. It comes up to the gradual exposure of teeth, crazing and their eventual prolapse. That is why, if our gums bleed or we see other disturbing symptoms in our oral cavity, it is crucial to contact a specialist – periodontist.

What does the treatment look like?

It all depends on the disease’s level of advance.

Patients, who come to us for pariedontological consultations, both with gingivitis and with some other advance level of periodontitis, can count on our full professionalism and individual approach to each patient and case.
In some cases, precise briefing, intensification of domestic hygiene treatments and professional teeth surface cleansing (sandblasting, scaling) is enough.

In our clinic, we also perform 3D X-rays, depth scans of gum plackets (classic manual periodontological probes, PerioSonda – Orange Dental), bacteriological scans using PET (MIP-Pharma) tests, but most importantly, we work with the Vector piezzoelectric system (Durr Dental).

Vector System

VECTOR is a high-tech and unique piezzoelectricperiodontological tool. It eradicates problems with periodontitis precisely, and removes dental concretions from dental surface safely and efficiently. It serves both to prevent and to treat gingivitis, inflammatory condition of periodontium and around implants and crowns (both metal and entirely ceramic). It is an alternative for procedures of the undergum calculus removal, using manual tools, such as: kirets or sickles.

Procedures with usage of the Vector system are efficient and painless. This is a method that is the least invasive and has the highest rate of efficiency. The fluid, that is used (hydroxyapatite (HA) suspension), polishes and plumes dental surfaces that are cleansed and prevents hypersensitivity.

Our clinic will provide you professional periodontological care. You are welcome to an individual consultation where you will be provided with comprehensive answers to all your questions concerning the treatment.