Preventive dentistry

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Preventing and controlling has on purpose to protect the dentition from harmful factors and to maintain healthy and alive teeth until an advanced old age. The oral hygiene consists of brushing teeth regularly (from two to three times a day) with a brush and a fluorine paste, cleaning the teeth contact surfaces with a dental floss and applying mouth wash.

Also important are check-ups, during which the stomatologist judges the state of health and oral hygiene.

The professional prophylaxis procedures include:

  • scaling – removing the calculi of a calculus;
  • sandblasting – removing of sediment and coating from the dental crowns’ surfaces;
  • fluorine prophylaxis – laquering the teeth with a fluorine laquer or fluorine compress on spoons;
  • sealing – protecting the side teeth sulci with fluoride sealing wax (used and recommended escpecially for children)
profilaktyka stomatologiczna