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Piotr Koliński – dental surgery specialist

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Lublin. Since the very beginning he knew in what fields of stomatology he would see himself best, what led him to sit a speciality exam and to gain the title of the specialist in the field of dental surgery.

In 2008 he got a medical doctor degree. He acquired his professional experience and knowledge at renowned agencies in Lublin and the surrounding region. In 2013, he ended a 10-year collaboration with The Dentistry and Oral – Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic and with The Dentistry Surgery Clinic at the Medical University in Lublin.

Still eager for knowledge, he continuously widens his knowledge by taking part in certified courses, training courses and conferences.

Focus, precision, longstanding experience guarantee treatment on a high level. Doctor Piotr Koliński is a professional who is very talented and very appreciated by his patients. He specializes in dental surgery. He offers services of rebuilding damaged or lost teeth, but also from the fields of implantology, dental prosthetics and implantology-prosthetics.

Koliński Piotr

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